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Southaven Mayor and Board of Alderman hope for a brighter year after a tumultuous 2012

(WMC-TV) – The City of Southaven was on Action News 5 far more than city leaders hoped in 2012. The year ended with three felony charges for Mayor Greg Davis. But unless he's convicted he will still be acting mayor.

"2012 has been a pretty tough year for the city we've got our controversies obviously," said Alderman Ronnie Hale.

Multiple investigations into Mayor Davis' spending continue to put him in the spotlight, but some citizens said it cast dark shadows around the city.

"If someone in the news could tell me how to get out of the limelight I would gladly listen because it seems every time I sneeze the news is there to cover it," Davis said.

Most recently we covered Davis' indictment for 2 counts of embezzlement and one count of false pretense. But the city and the mayor are moving forward.

"The city has continued to move on, it's never stopped," Davis said.

"We're still having houses built, we're still having business coming in, we're still moving forward in every area that a city looks forward to doing," Hale added.

For the New Year, Davis hopes the new senior citizens center will be built by the summer. There's also land slated for outlet shops that the city is still working to develop.

"That is a huge project not just for Southaven but for the entire area because wherever those locate they become destination spots and that'll help the hotels and the restaurants and everybody," Davis said.

Investigators promise the trouble for Davis is not over, but for now he said he has a city to run.

"The thing I think that everyone hopefully sits back and looks at budgets are balanced, revenues are up, crime is low," Davis said.

The city's first meeting of 2013 is Wednesday night.

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