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POLL: Do you think wine should be sold in grocery stores?

(WMC-TV) - Wine could make its way onto grocery store shelves if Tennessee lawmakers get their way. But liquor store owners think that decision could be a costly one.

Ronnie Ray at Navy Liquors says he will end up having to lay off workers if wine comes to the grocery store, because they will not make as much money.

Edward Ben has shopped at this popular Millington liquor store for years and he says he will continue to do so, even if wine is sold in grocery stores.

"They'll cut him short. They don't need to cut the man short. Let him keep what he's got," said Ben.

Ben says wine should stay in liquor stores and food should stay in grocery stores. He and others disagree with a statewide effort allowing wine to be sold off grocery store shelves.

Laquita Cunningham is concerned about the proposal, saying it will make it easier for underage drinkers to steal the wine from grocery store shelves.

"I know of a lot of teens that now try to get liquor out of these stores and they can't. In grocery stores, it's easier," said Cunningham.

In a bill taking shape in Nashville, liquor store owners like Ronnie Ray could start selling beer, mixers, ice and snacks in an effort to make up for the profit lost to chain grocery stores.

"Liquor and wine have always been able to sell. We can't sell a bag of ice and a Coke," said Ray.

Ray says the proposed trade-off will force him to lose money and have to cut employees.

State lawmakers are expected to begin their discussions on the issue next week when they kick off their legislative session on Tuesday.

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