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Nothing settled in environmental court over Club Crave case

(WMC-TV) - An initial appearance in environmental court took mere minutes, and settled nothing.

Rodney and Randy Williams operate Club Crave which closed down a week ago with a nuisance complaint and harsh words from Mayor A C Wharton.

"I think the mayor certainly has good intentions. But our position is we've got a terrific investment in that property down there and my clients will protect that interest until the end," said attorney Robert Wampler. 

Wampler represents George Miller, who owns the building at 380 Beale Street.

He's desperately trying to save it from demolition and to get some form of business going again as quickly as possible.

"My motion was to dismiss the complaint," said Wampler.

"Certainly, certainly. We're stopped from leasing the building. There's an injunction. We can't violate that injunction," he continued. 

City prosecutors aren't letting up, claiming name changes have not worked.

While only the Club Crave nuisance complaint is at issue in environmental court, a petition to condemn the structure and turn it over to the city will soon follow.

"It doesn't seem to change it just keeps happening. It looks like the club has basically been branded as a spot for things to occur that we can't allow in Memphis," said assistant city attorney Rob Ratton. 

Both sides digging with the downtown building at stake, and perhaps one end of Beale Street, too. 

"The burden's on them to prove it. They can allege it. There's been some arrests on Beale Street. But they're going to have to prove it. Maybe they can. Maybe they can't," said Wampler. 

The case is reset to Friday. 
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