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Carjacking victim: 'I'm thankful to be alive'

Four men bailed out of this car when police located it. Four men bailed out of this car when police located it.

(WMC-TV) – Two burglary suspects are under arrest and two others are on the run, one of whom is believed to have carjacked a vehicle at the Kroger on Kirby Parkway and Poplar Avenue.

Memphis police officers located a vehicle they believed was being driven by four burglary suspects. Two of the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and ran away. The other two were taken into custody.

Police believe one of the suspects that escaped is responsible for the carjacking in the Kroger parking lot.

The victim, Barry Horne, told Action News 5 that he was eating lunch when a man with a handgun hit him in the back of the head.

"This dude walked up with a gun, told me to get out. And once I got out of the car, he said, ‘No, hurry up and get back in,' hit me in the back of the head, told me to scoot over," said Horne.

The carjacker drove to Poplar Avenue and Massey Road where Horne was let out of the car in the Walgreens parking lot. He then sped off with Horne's work cell phone and $10.

"I used to carry a gun years ago. I gave it to my dad so I don't have one now," said Horne. "But now I'm kinda [sic] mad that I didn't have it because if I had one I would've shot him."

Police say they found stolen items inside the car that the four men left behind before the carjacking happened.

"I hope they find the guy, honestly," said Horne. "The car is gonna be what it is. I'm not really worried about that."

He continued, "I'm thankful to be alive."

Police have not released the identities of any of the four suspects at this point.

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