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Pastor speaks about gunshots fired during funeral

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis teenager is facing weapons charges after gunfire erupted during a funeral procession at a Frayser church.

The shooting happened Saturday at the service for the Randy Williams.

He was shot to death on Christmas Eve outside Club Crave in downtown Memphis.

Promise Land Church's pastor spoke out about gunfire.

Speaking from the pulpit - Pastor Elliot Shelton expressed a special thanks to the officers patrolling outside.

He said officers were also asked to patrol Saturday and moved quickly when gunfire erupted during the funeral for Randy Williams.

The congregation began Sunday services by thanking God that no one attending William's funeral was hit by gunfire.

"Let me give you this, out of 200 and some odds, people being outdoors, no one was shot... that's the power of God," said Shelton.

Church leaders said the funeral was held at Promise Land Church because Williams' mother is a member there.

"Let me say this... we know everybody is not good, but there is some good in everybody," said Shelton.

Church leaders said the shooting happened near Promise Land's front sign - just as the funeral was letting out.

Shelton said the gunfire overshadows the impact that Williams death had on dozens of young men who attended his funeral.

"There were about 65 to 70 individuals, young individuals, predominately African-American males who gave their life to Jesus Christ yesterday," he said.

Church leaders said they know some people may still be upset about the shooting that happened and they are making counselors available to anyone who needs one.

Officers arrested two people in connection with the shooting.

According to Memphis Police, there were no injuries from the shooting.

One 17-year-old boy was arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon, but it is not clear if he fired it.

Terrell Miller, 23, was issued a citation for kicking the 17-year-old while police were on the scene.

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