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The Bar-Kays to perform for U.S. President

(WMC-TV) - A group of Memphis music legends have performed for plenty of famous people, but last month the Bar-Kays were offered what they consider the gig of a lifetime.

We sat down with lead singer Larry Dodson, who will bring Memphis music to the president of the United States later this month.

For more than 40 years The Bar-Kays have bringing audiences from around the world to their feet, and their next gig tops them all.

"IIt's just very exciting for us just to be there in the midst of it and of course just to get a chance to lay eyes on president Obama," said Bar-Kays member Larry Dodson.

Singer Larry Dodson is all smiles after the group was invited to perform an inaugural gala in Washington D.C. the night before the presidential inauguration.

And Dodson's been told the president will be there.

"WWe're just elated to be a part of this historical event and just grateful we're going to be able to bring some good old Memphis music," he said.

The group will perform a 75 minute mix of vintage Bar-Kays, a soul review of classic Stax hots and songs from their latest EP Grown Folks which landed in the top 20 on the R&B charts last year.

"We've been around the block a couple times so they're very familiar with our music and I think the president's an old school guy at heart," said Dodson.

Dodson said in these tough times it will be an honor to give the president of the United States something to smile about.

"We're going to make him forget for a night just how tough it is and get him out there on the floor and get him to loosen the ties up a little bit and listen to some good old Memphis music," he said.

The group was invited to perform by Senator Mattie Hunter who replaced President Obama in the Illinois Senate.

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