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Andy's Got Your Back on identifying fake money orders

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(WMC TV) - There is no such thing as "free money".

But there are scam artists out there who'd like you to think there is.

U.S. postal inspectors said that's what con artists wanted hundreds of people to think when they dropped counterfeit money orders -- some for hundreds of dollars -- on unsuspecting home-owners' doorsteps.

The crooks were counting on those home-owners to deposit the money orders. When they did, the scam artists were able to break into their bank accounts because the money orders were fake.

"There is a metallic security thread that, in a real money order, is woven into the paper," said U.S. Postal Inspector Thomas Kingery. "On the counterfeit, it's just merely printed on the outside."

Kingery said real money orders also have a watermark of Benjamin Franklin on the far left side. "On the counterfeits, the water mark is actually printed on the outside of the paper," he said. "It's not a true watermark where it is visible when you hold it up to the light."

Inspectors advised if you ever come across what you believe to be a counterfeit money order, deliver it immediately to a clerk at your post office. The clerks are trained in how to identify counterfeit money orders and what to do with them.

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