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Out-of-towners could pay vehicle inspection fees

(WMC-TV) - People who drive to Memphis for work or school could soon be required to pay a vehicle inspection fee.

The ordinance to put that fee into place was supposed to go up for its final read at the Memphis City Council meeting Tuesday. Late Monday afternoon, it was decided the matter will be put on hold another 90 days.

The ordinance says out-of-towners are regularly contributing to the pollution problem in Memphis, but only city residents are footing the $2.7 million cost for inspections.

Molly Martin is against a vehicle inspection fee for out-of-towners who work and go to school in the Bluff City two or more days per week.

But Traynor Jennings believes in the inspection cost for out-of-towners.

"I think they should get inspected. Absolutely. They're bringing their cars into our city," said Jennings.

Many other Memphians agreed with Jennings.

"They don't live here, but they should pay as well," said Pat Myles.

"People might not agree with me, but I don't think seven dollars is that much, if I'm going to be coming to Tennessee, which is basically a second home to me," said Jonathan Hernandez, who lives in Mississippi.

The ordinance passed two of three readings on the Memphis City Council.

If it passes the third reading, even people who live in Shelby County will pay the $7 annual inspection fee to make sure cars coming into Memphis pass pollution standards.

"To be honest, I think it should be more than seven dollars," said Jennings.

Shelby County, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi do not require inspections, but the Feds require Memphis to pay.

According to government records, 340,000 out-of-town vehicles use Memphis roads, as compared to the 310,000 registered vehicles in Memphis.

The original version of this ordinance failed and this version has been delayed for an additional 90 days as there are still questions about how to enforce such an ordinance.

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