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Store owner threatened over 3-year-old loan

(WMC-TV) – A Mid-South man thought he was doing a good deed by helping out a friend with a loan. However, how he says the man he helped out showed up years later and threatened his life if he didn't give him more money.

"He say, ‘I'm going to kill you,'" Abdulhkim Borou said.

Borou owns a convenience store on Park. Around 7:30 Monday morning he had a visit from the man who said he would kill him, and he caught it all on his store video surveillance. Borou was behind the counter when it happened.

You see the man drive up, sit in his car for bit then get out and walk into the store  with a gun pulled.  Borou saw him and they fought.

"Oh, he almost kill me," Borou said.

The gun fell out of the man's hand, but not before bullets ended up on the floor.  Borou ran for his life, running down the street toward a Mapco.  The suspect got into his car and followed him. Borou says employees at Mapco scared the man off. Borou's butcher saw it all.

"Yes ma'am it was scary," he said.

Borou says he helped the man three years ago by co-signing a loan for a store the man wanted to buy. But he stopped paying and then wanted 10 thousand dollar loan from Borou.

"I say no I can't do that," said Borou.

Borou got a restraining order against the man, Abdi Hassan.

Borou showed me texts he said came from Hassan threatening to kill him.

"He said if you don't give me 10 thousand by midnight, I'll show you what I'm going to do," Borou said. "He text my wife, he telling my wife, ‘I'm going to make you cry one day.'"

Now, Borou and his family are scared, looking over their shoulder everywhere they go.

Memphis police are investigating the threat. So far, no charges have been filed.

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