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MS lawmakers attempt to ban texting while driving

NORTH MISSISSIPPI - (WMC-TV) – Misty West lost her Dad in a distracted driving accident almost two years ago. She says she wants to share his story with lawmakers in hopes that other families don't suffer the same loss.

"There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of our dad," West said.

Her father, Dwight White was killed after the vehicle he was driving was hit from behind by a truck driver using his cell phone behind the wheel.

"Unless you've lost somebody to a careless act like this, it's not personal to you," West said.

For the second time, Mississippi state senator Billy Hudson is pushing for a ban on texting and driving, a combination that West knows firsthand can be deadly.

"We think when we're behind the wheel of the car that we've got everything under control," she said.

Hudson is proposing a texting ban for all drivers. He's also wants to eliminate cell phone use while driving unless there's a hands free device. Hudson also wants to keep young people under 18 from using a phone in the car period.

"I would love to go talk to him and just share my story," West said.

A camera was inside the truck that hit and killed White. His family went through the court system in hopes of releasing the video to the public to show the dangers of texting and driving. A north Mississippi judge recently denied the request for now, but West hopes it can be used to convince lawmakers and citizens about the dangers of choice that led to the death of her father.

"I just miss spending time with him," West said.  "I don't want to waste tax dollars, I want to save lives."

Current Mississippi law only prohibits text messaging while driving for school bus drivers, and those with learner's permits and intermediate licenses.

We'll keep you updated as the proposal's status.

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