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Andy's Got Your Back on bank/mail fraud

(WMC TV) - Greed is at the heart of this scheme involving a bank employee turned bad.

"She had access to customers' personal information," said U.S. Postal Inspector Dave Anderchak, who would not identify the bank employee in order to protect the integrity of his investigation. "She would identify the folks who had larger account balances - above $80,000 -- and sell (their information)."

Anderchak said the employee was selling customers' personal information to an accomplice. Her partner would then change the customers' account addresses to the addresses of abandoned houses.

The accomplice would stake out the houses and wait for the mail to arrive.

"He would then obtain the check and debit cards and cash checks at area retailers for merchandise," Anderchak said.

Postal inspectors started staking out the homes, too, to see who was picking up the mail.

"We caught up with the suspect via surveillance tapes," said Anderchak.

Now inspectors' focus is on the unidentified bank employee. Fifteen of her customers lost more than $120,000 in her scheme.

Check your bank and credit card statements regularly for inaccuracies. Report bank or mail fraud to postal inspectors at

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