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Project Green Fork Restaurant of the Month: RP Tracks

(WMC TV) - PROJECT GREEN FORK RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH:  RP Tracks, 3547 Walker Ave., University of Memphis Area, 901-327-1471.

If I wasn't about to tell you, you would never know.

Barbecue nachos that taste like pork. A club sandwich that smacks of chicken.

It's tofu. And hear this, carnivores (like me):  it tastes like love.

"RP Tracks branded themselves with these really good vegetarian options that aren't just run-of-the-mill or dull or boring-tasting," said Project Green Fork's Executive Director Margot McNeeley. "It's a little bit harder to make something taste good without meat fat in it, but RP Tracks has nailed it."

Yes, you can order a mean, meaty burger at RP Tracks. But its stock-and-trade is tofu.

Scorecard viewers named the Barbecue Tofu Nachos one of the top five "most unusual" barbecue dishes in the Mid-South. It's loaded with RP Tracks' tangy barbecue sauce, sour cream, black beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese and barbecued tofu you'd swear is pork.

I really dig the Vegetarian Tofu Club Sandwich:  marinated tofu on toasted honey-wheat with hickory-smoked coconut, a tomato-Dijon aioli, lettuce and tomato.

"There are not a lot of places around town that offer that kind of food, so I think it's something unique to us and our little corner over here," said RP Tracks' General Manager Jeff Potter.

Meals that reduce meat consumption helped RP Tracks earn its Project Green Fork certification. PGF also honored the restaurant for composting its food waste and donating it to the University of Memphis herb & vegetable garden.

"The University of Memphis has always had a great relationship with RP Tracks," said Karyl Buddington. She manages the university's garden. "So it was a natural thing for us to say, 'Please, we would love to take care of the food you're going to throw away and turn it into compost.'"

"They grow our (new) vegetables from our old vegetables, so the circle goes round and round," said Potter.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Barbecue Tofu Nachos, Vegetarian Tofu Club, Buffalo Tofu Fingers, Lime Garlic Marinated Tofu, Beer Selection. 


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