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Consumer Reports: trendy tools to organize your stuff

(WMC TV) - Consumer Reports recommended these new products for cleaning up clutter:

The Drawer Décor System for $26 holds your utensils in place so that they don't slip. It's a
silicon mat and it comes in one size, but you cut it down to fit any kitchen drawer.

When traveling, try the Grid-It, $10-$50. It's a case that organizes your phones, cameras, and cords. It comes in different sizes.

Cool clothing filers from Pliio, $50, help you organize clothes drawers. You fold the item over a card, and then you tuck it into a little box that comes with the Pliio system. All your T-shirts will be lined up in a row so that you can pick one and pull it out without messing up the whole drawer.

Collect your kids' toys inside the Lay-n-Go play mat for $65. You pull a drawstring, and everything's stored in a neat, tidy pouch.

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