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Possible 10-cent gas tax increase for Miss.

(WMC-TV) - People in Mississippi could soon pay 10 cents more at the pump if one state commissioner gets his wish.

District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall wants to add a 10-cent gas tax to fix and maintain roads and bridges.

"The gasoline tax in the state of Mississippi hasn't been adjusted in over 25 years," said Hall. 

He knows not everyone will like the idea, but the tax would bring in $170 million a year for state highways and $50 million for local roads.

Nikki Farmer said it's a small price to pay for safety for her three little ones.

"These roads have been messed up since I was their size," said Farmer. 

"If the roads are going to be fixed, yes I would. 10 cents a gallon, we're already paying enough as it is, but if they're going to do the right thing with it, yes," she continued. 

State legislators started meeting in Jackson on Tuesday.

"That 18 cents that was set back in 1987 is now worth eight cents, and the construction cost for building highways and bridges has gone up 300 percent since that time," said Hall.

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