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MY TURN: Operation Blue CRUSH

(WMC-TV) - The New Year has brought us a lot of talk and doubletalk about the Memphis Police Department's Operation Blue CRUSH.

Blue CRUSH is a research-based form of policing that works to identify crime hot spots and then floods those areas with crime fighting resources.

The program started in 2006, and it has been widely applauded as a successful crime fighting tool.

Now, under new Police Director Toney Armstrong, Blue CRUSH is not being used as much and some citizens want to know why.

It's not like we don't need to use it because our crime problem has been solved. City officials spent the last week arguing over who's responsible for the diminished use of Blue CRUSH.

It would be good for them to get on the same page with that.

In any event, it's fair for citizens to expect an honest and open discussion if the city is changing a major crime fighting strategy. The police are not the only ones who have their lives on the line here.

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