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Lawmaker wants to warn lottery players

(WMC-TV) - We see warnings for cigarettes and alcohol. Now, one Tennessee lawmaker wants warnings for lottery tickets advertised on television and billboards.

When a person plays the lottery, the odds are great and the chance to win it big is small. That has caught the attention of one state lawmaker.

"Many think they can get something for nothing," said Senator Jim Summerville. "That's a human instinct, we all have it. But it's just not true in this case."

Senator Summerville proposed a bill requiring warning labels for all lottery advertising for TV and radio. The announcer would be required to read at the end of each ad, "Warning. You will probably lose playing the lottery."

For billboards, the bill would require a large visible disclaimer on the billboard.

"If you remember the old cigarette billboards, down on the lower left corner, I believe, had the warning and I want it just like that," said Summerville. "Let's promote the lottery for a good cause but let's also warn people that it has a downside. And one downside is you can't win it. Or very few can."

Senator Summerville represents Dickson, TN just west of Nashville. He has tried to limit and ban advertising for the lottery in the past without much support. This time he is hoping a warning label of sorts will gain support in Nashville.

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