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Police: Suspect shot after pointing gun at officers

(WMC-TV) - A suspected animal hoarder was shot and killed by Memphis Police in Cordova Friday night.

The Memphis Police Director called a news conference Saturday to discuss what occurred when officers were serving an animal cruelty warrant in the 1000 block of Cameron Ridge Trail.

"The house was pretty much in disarray. Lots of animal feces, urine all over the place. It was pretty bad," said director Toney Armstrong.

Officers were trying to serve a warrant when homeowner Donald Moore, 67, reportedly pointed a gun at TACT officers who fired back.

"Our TACT Officers are trained to address high risk entries. We never want to take an individual's life, but it is our duty to enforce the law. Thankfully, our officers were the ones who entered this residence and that it wasn't an unarmed Memphis Animal Shelter employee," said Armstrong.

Police said Moore kept the back door open so the animals could come and go as they wanted.

"Inside the house we did find a lot of cats, dogs. I've been told there were raccoons, possums, chickens," said MPD Sgt. Karen Rudolph.

Police rescued 19 rabbits, one dog, three cats, four hens and one rooster from inside the house.

Moore was also known to keep raccoons and possums inside.

The officer responsible for the shooting has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

The officer's name will not be released until the debriefing process has concluded.

"A thorough investigation will be conducted to ensure that all policies were followed," said Armstrong .

Justin Hanson will bring you more on this story, tonight at 10 p.m.

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