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28 animals rescued from animal hoarder

(WMC-TV) - Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said in all 28 animals were removed from a Cordova home Friday after the homeowner pointed his gun at police.

Police then shot and killed him.

Cats still litter the Cordova yard, and the area around the house on Cameron Ridge Trail still smells like cat urine.

Donald Moore lived in the home with at least 28 pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, hens and a rooster.

"Chickens, oh yeah. Every morning, probably around six, chickens are crowing out there," said neighbor Kevin Phillips.

Phillips said Moore was known as the "cat guy" or "cave man."

Phillips wasn't home Friday night when police shot and killed Moore while attempting to serve a warrant.

"They encountered the suspect inside the home, he pointed the pistol at one of the officers, the officer fired on him resulting in his death," said Armstrong.

Neighbors long worried that this was a case of animal cruelty.

"My wife offered to have all the cats spayed and neutered for free and he refused and thought it was infringing on their rights," said Phillips.

Phillips said he only had one run-in with Donald Moore.

Phillips said no one should have that many animals inside their house.

"I witnessed one of the cats being run over, on my street. I don't like to see animals hurt. So it enraged me. I stormed over there with my wife and read the guy the riot act," he said.

Armstrong made the scene himself Friday night and described it as disturbing.

He said Moore's family has three days to adopt the animals.

Otherwise, they'll be put up for adoption.

Right now, the animals are considered evidence.

"I think it's pretty safe to say there was some kind of mental illness going on there," said Armstrong.

Armstrong said there were also raccoons and possums inside the house.

"They were all well fed. He wasn't neglecting them like that. I think it was a hoarding situation that got out of hand," said Phillips.

Armstrong said this was not officers' first run in with Donald Moore.

He said they were there earlier in the day on Friday on an animal cruelty complaint.

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