Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Elwood's Shack, plus scores

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Elwood's Shack, Plus Scores

(WMC TV) - THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Elwood's Shack, 4523 Summer Ave., Berclair/East Memphis, 901-761-9898 (Breakfast & Lunch Only!)

One's a tall Texan.

The other's a New York Yankee with a Scorecard history.

Now Chef Tim Bednarski and former Scorecard Server of the Week Scott Scheno have teamed up to launch a restaurant with one of the most eclectic menus in the Mid-South.

"I'm from the South, and he's from the North, so we like to say we are the best from the North and the South," said Bednarski. "If you like great pizza, great barbecue, great salad, we have a really diverse menu."

More of a melting pot than a menu, really.

Bednarski and Scheno make everything from scratch -- from the barbecue pork and chicken on the smoker outside to the home-spun specialty pizzas and sandwiches baked in the ovens.

"The food is great," said Bartlett customer Jay Lowther, who walks over from his job at Lowe's next door to order the sky-scraping club sandwich. "The way the meat's stacked on there -- the fresh tomatoes and lettuce --  everything's just made well."

As promised, the owners' geographical influences have choices see-sawing across the Mason-Dixon line.

One day you might slip in for lunch: a trendy, Manhattan-style portabella mushroom and roasted red pepper pizza with julienne basil.

The next, you belly up for a down-home breakfast:  over-sized butter biscuits made with 7-Up and stacked with bacon.

Mama always said pick your battles.

But Elwood's Shack re-enacts a "civil war" in which both sides win.

"Check us out. We don't think you will be disappointed," Bednarski said.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings, 7-Up Biscuits, Meatball Sub, Pulled Pork Sandwich, All Specialty Pizzas.


Subway, 2809 Kirby Pkwy, East Memphis, 100 on Jan. 7

Elwood's Shack, 4523 Summer Ave., Berclair/E. Memphis, 97 on Jan. 7

L'oven Cupcakes, 7825 Winchester Rd., Southwind Area/SE Memphis, 97 on Jan. 7

Subway, 5135 Quince Rd., East Memphis, 97 on Jan. 9

Wendy's, 2845 Kirby Pkwy, East Memphis, 92 on Jan. 7

Automatic Slim's, 83 S. 2nd St., Downtown Memphis, 91 on Jan. 8

Crock Pot II, 7911 E. Shelby Dr., Southwind Area/SE Memphis, 89 on Jan. 7

Lenny's Sub Shop, 4085 Summer Ave., Berclair/E. Memphis, 87 on Jan. 8

Waffle House, 5255 Summer Ave., Perimeter Shopping Center, East Memphis, 87 on Jan. 13

El Toro Loco Max, 2809 Kirby Pkwy, East Memphis, 85 on Jan. 7

Flying Fish, 105 S. 2nd St., Downtown Memphis, 79 on Jan. 8

Rio Loco, 117 Union Ave., Downtown Memphis, 78 on Jan. 8

Rizzo Diner, 106 G.E. Patterson Ave., South Main Historic District, Downtown Memphis, 77 on Jan. 7

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