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Memphis roads dangerous in icy conditions

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – The major weather concern in Memphis Tuesday night was icy bridges and overpasses. They've forced many drivers off the road.

Traffic was moving fine at I-240 in Midtown. But it was a much different story on bridges and interstates around the city.

"Right now it's not really that bad," motorist Elliott Williams said. "I guess the roads are slick, but you can see."

But in some places it was that bad. Three cars wrecked at the bridge on highway 51, one of them flipped over by a police officer who had just left the training academy. The two other cars were on the side of the road.

At I-55 and Winchester, T-DOT cameras captured an officer involved crash.

There were wrecks all over Memphis, with the majority happening after 6:00 in the evening. Memphis police responded to 21 in one hour.

Some people went out earlier in the day, like Hannah McClaren who was with her dog Georgia.

"Raining and cold," she said. "It's okay. My windows are iced over. It's kind of hard, but it's fine."

"I had gone out to lunch, took my wife to work, stop by the store for a few errands," said motorist Jerry Brown.

Taxi driver James Tate has been in the mess all day.

"I think people think the weather is worse than it is," Tate said. "I used to drive a cab in Denver. Really this is nothing compared to that."

The roads are dangerous, and there are a lot of very slick spots than can be a real problem, so don't get out if you don't have to.

And if you are in a wreck without injuries, police say to use the inclement weather policy and just exchange information.

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