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Prominent Memphis pastor becomes new NAACP President

(WMC-TV) - A change in leadership in the Memphis chapter of the NAACP could mean a complete makeover, at least according to its new president. 

Prominent Memphis pastor Keith Norman took over the leadership role earlier this month.

Norman agrees the Memphis NAACP chapter needs a facelift, and new members.
"We want people to know we have a future together and we have no future when we're apart," said Norman.

Pastor Norman has been leading his congregation at First Baptist Broad for almost fourteen years.

His congregation has already helped change the face of Binghampton and now, Norman is hoping to change the face of the Memphis NAACP.

He said the local chapter needs to be redefined. 

He plans to visit local high schools and recruit new and younger members.

"We want members who were once part of the NAACP to come back home. We want our brothers and sisters of the Hispanic community, the white community, and the Asian community, all people to become involved in this fight with us," says Norman.

Norman said he also plans to visit college campuses to recruit.

With the KKK flyers recently distributed in Bartlett and the sign controversy at Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, Norman said it's evident racial tensions are still alive in Memphis.

He says it's the NAACP's job to stop actions like this and to promote justice and equality for all races. 

"When something is wrong, it's wrong and when something is right, it's right," continues Norman.

Pastor Norman is in the process of revamping the local NAACP chapter's website and changing it's meeting time from Sunday's to another more convenient day and time.

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