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Hunter accidentally shot, killed during 'deer drive'

Robert 'Kit' McArthur Robert 'Kit' McArthur

(WMC-TV) - Family and friends are mourning the death of a Mid-South man accidentally shot and killed while hunting in Panola County, Mississippi.

The shooting took place as the sun set Tuesday. The victim's family and friends are using this tragedy to remind others to wear hunter orange to make themselves visible to prevent other accidents from happening.

Wildlife agents spent Wednesday afternoon piecing together what happened to 56-year-old Robert 'Kit' McArthur.

Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby says McArthur was shot and killed while hunting with a close friend. The two were on what is called a "deer drive".

"One person waiting on one end of the wooded area, the other walking through trying to run deer out to him," said Sheriff Darby.

There is no cell phone service where the accident happened. The hunter who fired the shot had to walk about a quarter of a mile in order to call 911 for help.

"I know he got in a vehicle trying to drive back and got stuck," said the sheriff.

Family members were too shaken up to appear on camera, but they wanted to stress the importance of wearing orange, because they say McArthur was not wearing any.

"One of the main things they teach is wear hunter orange, be organized on your hunts, and look before you shoot," said Sheriff Darby.

Right now, investigators believe the shooting was nothing more than an accident that is causing two close families to mourn.

"He's in a lot of trauma, he's trying to deal with this now. These are supposedly best friends," the sheriff said about the man who fired the shot.

At this point investigators do not anticipate any charges after talking with the other hunter.

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