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TN governor shares thoughts on president's gun safety plan

Governor Bill Haslam Governor Bill Haslam

(WMC-TV) - Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam was in Memphis Thursday touring one of Memphis' Achievement Schools. During the tour, the kids' well being and safety was top of mind for the governor.

"We all have to say we have an issue around violence in this country no matter where you are in the spectrum you have to admit that," said Governor Haslam.

Still, the day after the President released his congressional proposals mixed with executive orders, the governor was not sure it was the best solution.

"Is it about restricting access to assault weapons? Is it about mental health issues? Is it about better background checks?" said Gov. Haslam.

Those are all components of the president's plan, though the governor does take issue with the way the president is pushing his plan through.

"A whole lot of what he proposed was more unilateral action rather than congressional approval," he explained. "On these issues, having the legislative branch be fully engaged on part of that discussion is critical."

Governor Haslam's comments come as lawmakers react to the president's proposals. Some of them reacted favorably, like Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, but others expressed concern.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is taking a stronger stance saying the president's plan is unconstitutional. Tennessee Republican representative Joe Carr is proposing a state law to make it a crime in Tennessee for federal agents to enforce a ban on firearms or ammunition.

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