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Police dragged by car after writing ticket

(WMC-TV) - It was a traffic stop based on window tint, but now the Police Union said it may be indicating a bigger problem.

"Legal limit in Tennessee and most states is 35 percent," said Southern Window Tent expert Xavier Kimbrough.

35 percent of sunlight gets in and the rest is kept out.

"If you want anything darker than that we will put it on, but it's at your own discretion which means if you get a ticket that's on you," said Kimbrough. 

On a Thursday traffic stop, police said a Maroon Pontiac had 12 percent tint.

But the driver refused to sign the ticket.

The officer leaned in to unbuckle her seatbelt to take her to jail and she punched the gas.

According to the affidavit of complaint, the Pontiac hit 60 miles an hour.

As the officer was "clinging to the vehicles door frame, and fearing for his life."

At his pleading, she did stop the car.

Now Kenyatta Hollingsworth faces an aggravated assault charge.

She posted a $20,000 bond, but no one answered the door at her listed address.

"This happens all the time, things like this," said Michael Williams of the Memphis Police Association.

Williams said officers on the street are in more danger now than perhaps ever before.

He believes it is because of the message from city hall about the police force not being supportive.

"Without order there's chaos, and what I'm starting to see is chaos, because I think the authority structure is being broke down, whether intentionally or unintentionally," said Williams.

The officer was not seriously hurt.

Hollingsworth record is clean slate for one prior speeding ticket.

She's due in court on Tuesday.

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