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Bartlett women charged in bizarre attempted murder

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Two women are behind bars in Bartlett, one charged with attempted first degree murder and her friend charged with making up a story about not knowing a man investigators believe she knew intimately.

Larry Courtney was surprised when he saw police and his daughter Rachel Courtney in the back of an ambulance Tuesday morning in front of their Bartlett home.

"I was here, but I thought she was in the bed asleep," Larry Courtney said. "I didn't know she was out. She was beaten up, lost a bunch of teeth."

Courtney and friend Robbi Fitch are charged in a bizarre incident. Bartlett Police say Rachel Courtney stopped police Tuesday morning saying Fitch claimed she had been raped by a 57-year-old man. She left the Courtney home with the man.  Fitch told police she barely knew the man and never had sex with him.

Bartlett Police say they discovered text messages from Fitch to the 57-year-old man. The man said that he and Fitch went to the Pleasure Inn at Lester and Summer Avenue and stayed for 30 to 45 minutes. That's the same time Fitch said she was being raped at Appling and 64.

The man told police he and Fitch had consensual sex.

Police say the man brought Fitch back to the Courtney residence, but she contacted him and said she wanted him to come back so she could get the morning after pill.  He returned and investigators say that's when Rachel Courtney came out of the house with a handgun and a machete. The man said Courtney got in the car and pointed the gun at him. He grabbed the barrel and ended up getting shot in the hand.

"I'm surprised," neighbor Jeff Kurtz said. "I know the parents. They're nice people. They keep to themselves, but they're very nice."

Rachel Courtney is being held on a 75-thousand dollar bond. Robbi Fitch is being held on a 50-thousand dollar bond.

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