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Bass Pro is one step closer to occupying Pyramid

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(WMC-TV) – After years of waiting for the tomb of doom to be inhabited, Bass Pro has filed for a permit to build inside the Pyramid Arena.

Since 2004, the Pyramid Arena has cost taxpayers $1.5 million per year to sit empty.

And now, it is official. Bass Pro has filed a permit to start building inside.

The outdoor retailer and City of Memphis filed construction permits to the tune of $28.5 million.

The City of Memphis has spent the last six months prepping the Pyramid to pave the way for Bass Pro to start their interior construction.

The city made the 52 story structure earthquake and flood-read underground.

The city also cleared out all remnants of the old basketball arena.

It is unclear when Bass Pro will start their part of the interior construction - converting the empty insides into a retail and recreation space with hotel rooms.

The Office of Planning and Development also approved a plan to allow Bass Pro to turn the area outside the east end of the building into a Central Business District.

That would allow for additional retail space, including food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fuel, bait, an indoor gun range, indoor golf range, a sporting goods demo area, hotel, aquarium, museum and outdoor sales.

Bass Pro is scheduled to open at the end of the year.

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