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Advocates bring attention to human trafficking

(WMC-TV) – Nearly 100 people in Jackson got an up close real lesson in human trafficking this weekend. Advocates for freedom (AFF) says it has helped 92 victims in Mississippi, in just two years.

Most victims are children and teens. Advocates say it's critical police find them within 72 hours.

According to AFF, human traffickers can be any age or ethnic group. Susie Harvill, Executive Director, says there are even grandmother pimps.

Harvill says Mississippi is a prime location for traffickers to pick up and drop off victims. It's the transportation system, including airports, that bring them in according to Harvill.

Recently, a Mississippi mother said her daughter was taken to Florida in a human trafficking ring.

Some abductors even place prices for people on the internet and use tattoos to mark the victims as property.

Experts say human trafficking is nearly $35 billion business in the U.S., and the crime is growing.

Many of the victims are tortured and drugged. They also lose trust in everyone around them and aren't' usually willing to talk to police.

This conference hopes awareness will be sobering and plans of action will be put in place to help victims.

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