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Mid-South traffic stop draws both praise and questions

OLIVE BRANCH, MS - (WMC-TV) – A traffic stop at a Mid-South intersection is drawing both praise and questions.

Getting pulled over is never pleasant for motorists. Your heart races and you wonder how it will all end. But for one Olive Branch woman and her two young daughters it was a complete surprise.

"It was the first time getting pulled over," Stephen Rogers said of his wife. "She was a little nervous and she had my daughters in the car."

Rogers' wife Andrea was pulled over at a four-way stop in Olive Branch at Craft near Goodman Road Friday afternoon.

Rogers said the officer had his blue lights on and asked some odd questions.

"He asked her ‘hey,' you know, ‘do you have a family? How many people in your family?'"

Then he revealed the reason for odd questions.

"He said, ‘great, I want to give you four movie tickets because you were all buckled up.'"

She also stopped at the stop sign. Rogers' wife found out the person who stopped her was DeSoto County Constable Chris Plumlee. Constables are elected and usually serve warrants and subpoenas.

Stephen Rogers posted the encounter on Facebook.

"It was something nice to do," he said. "You don't hear nice stories often."

A lot of people expressed negative comments. And some people we talked with agreed.

"I just don't think it's the thing to do me as a woman," neighbor Sandy Huffman said. "I would be scared if he pulled me over and I know when I'm doing something wrong."

But some folks thought it is a good idea.

"I think it's awesome. Why, somebody stopping you, giving you four tickets, I think it's awesome," one driver said.

"Personally at first I would think I was doing something wrong however when he explained, I probably wouldn't mind so much," Kevin Pieckiel said.

Action News 5 was unable to contact Constable Plumlee for a comment.  The Rogers family has not yet used the movie tickets but plan to at some point.

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