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Off-duty firemen, hunter saves boys from potential hypothermia

(WMC-TV) - Two teenagers are safe thanks to some quick thinking by two off-duty firemen and a hunter.

Both boys were rescued from the water near Coldwater Point in Tate County, Miss. on Monday.

One teenager was caught in a tree, the other stuck in eight feet of water in a sunken boat.

Just off the main road towards Arkabutla Lake there's a dirt road that's a little less traveled.

It leads back to a sportsman's paradise, where Horn Lake Firefighter Michael Mueller was hunting on Monday.

"I heard some yelling over there, and I thought they were yelling at a dog, but they kept yelling," he said.

Mueller instinctively went to check out the commotion with another hunter.

"I saw two kids that fell in the water, and they were soaking wet and one of them was hanging in a tree, and the other was barely in the boat. The boat had sunk down," he said.

Mueller was able to get the two boys out. He said neither had life vests on, and that the cold water was about eight feet deep

"They were shaking pretty bad, they had some cramping in their arms," he said.

The boys thawed out in Mueller's car while he called former Horn Lake firefighter and current Memphis firefighter Cody Jenne.

He's training to be a paramedic.

"He told me to tell them to get down in their thermal gear, and get all the heavy clothes off that were all waterlogged," said Mueller.

There's no telling how close the two teens came to hypothermia.

Mueller insists he isn't a hero.

And even though he was off duty, he said helping people in need is a full-time job

"I'd like to say that everything worked out for the best," he said.

The two hunters lost their guns while they were stuck, but Mueller told me they were able to fish out the weapons and return it to the boys on Tuesday.

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