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"Queen Of Beale Street' claims victim of identity theft

(WMC-TV) - She may be known as the Queen of Beale Street, but her fame hasn't kept her from possibly becoming a victim of identity theft.

Now, Singer Ruby Wilson has a warning for everyone.

Ruby Wilson sings everything from Gospel to R & B, but she said after someone stole her money — all she feels like singing now are the blues.

Wilson said she's upset.

Days after she used her debit card at a local discount store back in December her account with Regions Bank came up empty.

"They took more money totaling almost $900," she said.

Wilson said she began her own investigation and according to documents her bank sent to her, it looks like some of the money was taken out right after Christmas and then more was withdrawn several weeks later.

"They had my account number and my card number," said Wilson.

Wilson said what's worse is that bank officials looked into the complaint she filed, and it does not look like she is going to get her money back.

Money she had been saving up to pay on her car note.

"Ms. Ruby got the blues and that ain't funny? I might be laughing on the outside, but I'm crying on the inside," she said.

Wilson insists that she is a victim of identity theft and she's warning everyone that if it happened to her it can happen to you.

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