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Flu hits the Action News 5 newsroom

(WMC-TV) - The flu outbreak has not only gripped the Mid-South, now it has laid claim to members of the Action news 5 team.

Empty chairs are everywhere and staffers have been using antibacterial spray and hand sanitizer.

Morning Anchor, Andrew Douglas has been out sick with the flu for four days.

In an interview via Skype, Andrew spoke about the plethora of antibacterial materials he's using to keep the rest of his family healthy.

Precautions include wearing a face mask.

"(I wore the mask) to make sure that my kids didn't get any kind of germs that I had," said Douglas.

Though as in work places across the country, the virus has gone from desk to desk.

It's been keeping six of Action News 5 team members off the air every day for the last week.

One of them, Chief Investigator Andy Wise Andy succumbed to the bug and had an admission of his own.

"I have to confess that I didn't get the flu shot.Three days ago I felt like death. I had chills. I had sinus pressure. Body aches," he said via Skype.

Both Andrew and Andy said if they could go back in time they would get the flu shot.

They both say they will never miss another one.

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