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Parents claim student mistreatment under ASD

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(WMC-TV) - One community wants change, and they're calling out the Achievement School Districts (ASD) handling of Lester school.

The charter school program took over the failing Memphis City school just this year.

Both children and their parents filled the Lester Community Center Saturday to voice complaints about the ASD's control of the school.

Cornerstone prep operated Lester under a contract with the ASD.

One child claimed she was too scared to leave the classroom to use the restroom, and so she had to relieve herself in her chair.

Some parents also claimed mistreatment from the teachers and said their children weren't given bathroom breaks.

On the contrary, other parents and their little ones had nothing but good things to say about the teachers.

Community leader Marty Merriweather said the people of the community wanted a place to voice their concerns.

He hopes to have further talks next week.

"I hadn't had a problem with the education at cornerstone, the problem I have is the way they treat the kids," said Merriweather.

"Something has to give, somebody has to be able to sit down and try to rationalize and just hash this thing out."

Merriweather didn't mention any specific dates for a meeting next week.

Action News 5 will continue to follow up.

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