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Miss. realtor accused of poisoning, killing dogs

(WMC-TV) - A Batesville businessman is accused of poisoning and killing area dogs.

Owner Jenny Herron is devastated that two of her dogs are dead.

"We got him and we nursed him back to health, and we brought him into our lives and he's been with us for five years — and we love him like a member of the family," she said.

Brad McCulley is the man Panola County investigators believe is responsible.

He's now charged with administering poison to animals.

He's a local realtor in the area and a neighbor to many of the dog owners.

The effects of this poison are very severe, the dogs generally suffer quite a bit before they die.

Action News 5 did a report last week about the early investigation, since then two more dogs and one cat have been found dead.

That brings the total to at least 12.

It appears they ingested temic.

Dr. Justin Unruh said poison can still be spread even after an animal is killed.

"If one animal ingests it, then another animal consumes that animal, potentially it could be devastating," he said.

The Panola County Sheriff said investigators believe McCulley put out styrofoam cups containing meat with the poisonous temic.

Dogs are free to roam the areas of the county where there are no leash laws.

No on answered at the number listed for McCulley.

Herron said the family has been on the land since the mid 40s, and has never had a problem with the neighbors.

Now, she's having to keep her remaining dogs on a leash in fear of losing another one.

"It's just heartbreaking, and I absolutely hope that nobody has to witness or go through this," said Herron.

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