County looking for first responder volunteers

With sirens blaring, we rode along with Paul Hein and Rick Sanders rushing to a shooting Monday afternoon: "We'll either be assisting the patient or doing traffic control---one or the other," Lt. Hein, a volunteer.

Other paramedics arrived first but Paul and Rick's Emergency Services training have them qualified to help any way they're needed: "All we know right now is one down, he has been shot and they're trying to do CPR on him right now," Hein ssaid.

In this case, the wounded man, Earl Williams, Senior died. Investigators say Williams tried to run down Deputy Clay Aitken and that's when the deputy opened fire in self defense. Paul and Rick ended up with less-than-glamorous duty: But these are more than glorified water boys.

Paul, a pest control man, and Rick, who works for Hair Club for Men and Women, have 60 hours of medical training, plus skills learned from the Sheriff's Department that make them "certified first responders."

"For someone who is looking for a little bit of excitement in your life and something that's really out of the ordinary, this is a great way to do it," said Sanders .

In their combined 18 years of volunteering, they've treated countless children following traffic accidents: "You just try to console 'em and make them feel relaxed," Sanders said.

They're experts in finding lost people: whether they're escaped from jail or youngsters wandering in the woods: "There were these 2 kids hunting out in Shelby Forest one time and found them---just the look on their face.

The look on the family's face. It's very rewarding," said Sanders.

If you're interested call 867-1441 for more information.