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Mayor Davis' ex-wife takes stand in civil court

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - Several witnesses took the stand Monday in a civil hearing held in Jackson, Mississippi for Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

Davis' ex-wife, Suzann, testified for the state for most of the morning.

Suzann Davis told the chancellor that she was having emotional problems, even suicidal thoughts, because she could not imagine being married to Greg Davis. When she left the courtroom, she did not want to speak to the media.

Mayor Davis sat in the courtroom and listened as his wife testified that four trips their family took were personal. Those include trips to Key West, Miami, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. She said they also went to Arizona for couples counseling.

Greg Davis maintains the counseling, which was paid for by the City of Southaven, was stress counseling for himself. Suzann said the couple had two days of counseling, but the other two weeks, she was the only one being counseled. Greg Davis was not there. He repaid the city $13,000 for the personal counseling.

Southaven Alderman Greg Guy also took the stand Monday. He said that he approved the mayor's receipts without looking at them closely because he trusted Davis.

During a break Monday afternoon, Davis cried. He said he is worried about the effect the court hearings will have on his three daughters.

Greg Davis' partner Jansen Fair was also in the courtroom and is expected to testify.

Suzann said that the emotional problems she suffered were a result of her husband's relationship with Fair. She said she discussed it with her husband.

"We sat on the steps out back of the guest house after I found out he was still communicating with Jansen," said Suzann Davis.

In this civil hearing, the state is trying to recover more than $70,000 from Mayor Davis of the $170,000 he originally owed the city.

Davis and his attorney did not want to comment while the hearing is going on.

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