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Sister: School teacher's aide died from flu-like symptoms

(WMC-TV) - The family of a Memphis City Schools employee is devastated after she suddenly died from what employees describe as flu-like symptoms.

Miranda Young, a 55-year-old teacher's aide, worked Friday and died in her sleep Sunday. Her sister said she went to work with a persistent cough.

School employees say the staff is so devastated by the loss, they had to call an ambulance to treat an upset coworker whose blood pressure spiked in her distress.

"Her name was Miranda. I would call her 'Randa,' she would call me 'Leena.' That's how we responded and we would embrace each other. I'm going to miss that," said Miranda's sister, Aileen Smith.

Not only were Miranda and Aileen sisters, they were best friends and coworkers at Bethel Elementary School in Memphis.

"She loved her job, she loved people and she loves children," said Smith.

Smith says her sister's sudden death began with some type of respiratory illness.

"She was off three or four days with a cold, cough. She came back to work. She was feeling better," she explained.

Young worked Friday, but coworkers say she was coughing so much that her stomach hurt.

"Sunday morning, I got the message they were rushing her to the hospital," said Smith. "She wasn't breathing correctly...she was already gone."

Smith says her sister had fluid in both of her lungs, but she never had respiratory problems in the past. She describes her sister as a dedicated educator, who loved God, her husband, and her two adult sons.

"Devastating. The whole family. I'm still trying to absorb it. It's devastating," Smith said.

The school system says they are sorry for the loss.

Due to HIPPA laws, the health department cannot confirm the cause of death.

Young's sister is seeking clarification from the doctor. Miranda Young's funeral services have not yet been arranged.

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