Food For Thought- July 22, 2004

Food For Thought- July 22, 2004

We had so many failures this week I couldn't put them all on TV so here's the whole list...


Catfish Cabin-57

2846 Airways

*food at wrong temperature

*no water in dish washer sprayer

*fruit flies

Church's Chicken-62

3149 S. Perkins

*employee digging in hair

*soiled ceiling tiles

*odor in restroom

Little Caesar's Pizza-66

3390 Overton Crossing

*dirty floor

*toxic items near food


Dixie Queen-67

1181 S. Bellevue

*enormous amount of gnats


*overflowing toilet

Little Caesar's-63

4130 Elvis Presley Blvd.

*food at wrong temperature
*fruit flies
*unlabeled chemicals

China Super Buffet-65

4164 American Way

*dirty food containers
*dirty shelves
*dirty freezer

Grand Wok&Roll-69

3305 Winchester

*employee eating in food area
*dirty deep freezer
*uncovered food in freezer

Willies' Famous BBQ-66

*roaches present
*food stored on floor
*waste water leak from sink

Southern Hands-61

2135 Democrat

*rusty shelves
*child in food prep area
*chemical spray bottle not labeled