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Homes destroyed, trees uprooted in McNairy County

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(WMC-TV) - Hundreds of old trees were completely uprooted in Bethel Springs, Tennessee during severe storms that swept through the area overnight. In addition to uprooted trees, structures were totally flattened and the property damage is extensive.

Power crews from all over the area are in Bethel Springs working to restore power, but they say it could be days before it is completely restored.

"My eyes flew open at 1:30 and it sounded like an air plane had landed in my front yard," said Stacy Wood.

Stacy Wood lives along Buena Vista Road in Bethel Springs. She and her husband, a town alderman, have been awake and out since 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

For most of the day, they used chainsaws to clear away downed trees and clear the debris that littered the landscape.

"It looks like a war zone through here," she said.

Roads are still closed as crews work to clean up the mess left behind by the storms.

"I am cleaning up. My yard is a total mess. Gotta start and be done with it," said Wood.

The wind was strong enough to overturn a tractor-trailer on Sandy Flat Road.

"I knew it was a storm but I didn't know if it was straight line winds or a tornado or what it was," said Dan Eaker.

McNairy County's mayor says they are still trying to figure out exactly how many people are without power in Bethel Springs.

The power outages are also one of the reasons school will likely be out in McNairy County for the rest of the week.

Even though homes were destroyed, power lines remain down, many in the community are still counting their blessings.

"What do you say? These are all material things," said Lisa Hollins. "Things you work your whole life for are things that can be gotten back."

The mayor says several churches are stepping up and offering help to residents who lost their homes in the storm.

There have been no reports of serious injuries as a result of the storm.

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