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Public access to concealed-carry information blocked

(WMC-TV) - The Mississippi House has voted to block public access to information about people issued concealed carry permits.

The Senate will now debate House Bill 485.

Robert Brewer of Olive Branch isn't shy about guns.

"In my case, I have a permit to carry," said Brewer.

In Mississippi, licensed gun owners can get concealed carry permits after a background check. Approved training is required for enhanced permits.

The idea of keeping certain gun owners' information private doesn't sit too well with Olivia McMillan.

"Honestly, being a mother I would love to know if my neighbor has the ability to carry a weapon or not," said McMillan.

Republican bill sponsor Mark Baker of Brandon said he filed the bill after complaints about a New York newspaper that published the names and addresses of permit holders.

Brewer said he can see why some permit holders would want to keep information private, but said he has nothing to hide.

"They can publish my name and address because that means they won't come to my house, because I'm loaded all the time, and if they come into my house I'm going to blow their head off," said Brewer.

McMillan said if permitted gun owners have the right to conceal a firearm, she should be able to know.

"I believe it's a right that we should know if they're carrying concealed weapons," McMillan said.

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