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A look ahead: 'Lightning Girl' defies modern medicine

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(WMC-TV) - Doctors call her a living miracle.  A Memphis teenager who defied mother nature and is now defying modern medicine.

Some in the Mid-South call her "Lightning Girl", a super hero name for a super young woman who survived being stuck down by lighting on her way home from school.

Doctors say she should have died and they call her journey nothing short of inspirational.

Friday on Action News Five at 10 p.m., Tierney Bourage is taking one step at a time to get her life back.

"God felt the need for it to happen at that point and it did happen," said Tierney. "Now, I just have to kind of work through it and get back to myself."

Tierney is a living miracle, who is thriving on hard work and faith.

"I have a testimony and I will share it when God tells me it's time to," she said.

Find out what that lightning did to this young girl's body and how she is living up to her super hero status Friday at 10 p.m.

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