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'Lightning girl' overcomes life's obstacles

(WMC-TV) - Doctors call her a living miracle. Tierney Bourage is a Memphis teenager who defied mother nature and is now defying modern medicine.

Some in the Mid-South call her "Lightning Girl", a super hero name for a super young woman who survived being stuck down by lighting on her way home from school.

Two and a half years ago Tierney Bourage couldn't walk or talk. Now, she is able to fix herself a snack.

The former Southwind High School senior was struck by lightning on her way home from school in 2010. Her survival was nothing short of a miracle.

Her progress since then continues to stun her doctors, therapists, and her mom.

"I'm just so proud of her," said her mother, Barbara Turner.

The bolt of lightning that entered her side and exited her feet damaged a part of Tierney's brain that controls sight, speech, balance, and motor skills.

The damage wiped away the memory of life's simplest tasks.

"(I had) to re-learn it all over again," said Tierney.

Her most recent accomplishment is buttoning her own pants.

"I can put my clothes on, my shoes on, I can comb and brush my hair," said Tierney.

Tierney said she kept practicing until she was able to do it.

Staying positive is among her many challenges.

"And she gets down because she wants to get back to her life... She gets back up and keeps right on going," said Turner.

"I want to do things on my own like I used to before, so that's what keeps me going," said Tierney.

There are more lofty goals.

Tierney plans to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse.

"I'm doing good in rehab and I'm enrolled in college at University of Memphis," she said.

Classes start in August, and fear is not included in the vocabulary she's had to learn all over again.

Tierney said storms do not make her nervous.

"No, thunder and lightning actually helps me to sleep. It helps me go to sleep," she said.

Tierney is a living miracle, and thriving on hard work and faith.

"I have a testimony and I will share it when God tells me it's time to," she said.

Turner is proud of her daughter and her perseverance through the experience.

"You know looking at her, her being my youngest I didn't think she had it in her, but she did, and she does," said Turner.

"God felt the need for it to happen at that point and it did happen, and now I just have to kind of work through it and get back to myself," said Tierney.

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