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Exclusive: Pinnacle Airline flight attendant shares company 'ultimatum'

(WMC-TV) - A Pinnacle Airlines flight attendant said the company is giving employees an ultimatum to either relocate or resign.

The employee wished to remain anonymous, but she said last week they received numerous company memos about relocation.

Action News 5 obtained a copies of numerous memos that stated all current Memphis flight attendants have two options.

The memos show that no job will be eliminated, only relocated with $2,400 expenses provided, time off to move, and a hotel room for no more than 30 days.

All of that is helpful for employees who are willing to move, but not if you want to stay in Memphis.

"Giving us an ultimatum that if we don't go to one of these hubs, they are trying to get out of paying unemployment," said the flight attendant.

That means if she said no to a transfer, she will be left without a job or a chance for assistance.

"I've been behind on bills and stuff for a year since they cut back flights, and now they are gonna do this to us? This just puts the icing on the cake," said the flight attendant.

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