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TN lawmakers hope to ban state income tax...forever

(WMC-TV) - Tennessee lawmakers are one step closer to banning a state income tax. It is a long process requiring a change to the state's constitution.

While taxes and the cost of nearly everything is on the rise nationwide, Tennessee state leaders hope you will never have to hear about the possibility of a state income tax ever again.

"Not having an income tax has already brought jobs to Tennessee and putting this permanently into the constitution will tell businesses that we will forever not have an income tax and that hopefully it will more jobs to Tennessee," said Senator Brian Kelsey, Germantown.

Tennessee Senator Brian Kelsey has been behind the effort to ban a state income tax for the better part of the three years.

First, the proposal has to pass both the house and senate for two consecutive years. Second, the proposal must pass the house and senate again, this time with a two-thirds majority. That could be finalized next week.

Finally, Tennesseans must vote and approve it during an election when the governor is on the ballot. The next time that happens November 2014.

"It is a long process but I am glad to see things are moving in the right direction right now," said Senator Kelsey.

Senator Kelsey says state lawmakers are also trying to lower the state sales tax on groceries for the second straight year in row and lower the tax on interest and dividends, too.

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