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Cancer patient's purse taken in Cooper-Young robbery

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Jamey Jones lost her sense of security and a lot more during a robbery Monday morning in a Cooper-Young alley.

"I never saw him coming," said Jones.  "He just grabbed my purse off my shoulder and kept riding."

Chemotherapy drugs were among the items the crook took.

"My medication, money, credit cards, I-D's, W-2's, everything," said Jones.

Jones told Action News 5 in an exclusive interview that she'd battled cervical cancer three different times.

"Mostly, just some radiation therapy and a little chemo," said Jones.

Jones told police she was robbed around 7:40 Monday morning after walking her two sons to Peabody Elementary School by a man riding a blue female-style mountain bike.

Jones fell to the ground during the attack and could only tell the guy had long hair.

"I've been in Midtown, Cooper-Young my whole life and I never had nothing like that happen, never," said Jones.

Jones said her sons were already worried about their mother because of her most recent cancer bout.  She said she's keeping them in the dark about what happened on her way home.

"I just told them that somebody else was hurt in the alley so we weren't going to be walking that way anymore," said Jones.

Jones was able to call police because she kept her cell phone in a pocket.  Call Crime-Stoppers at 901-528-CASH with any information.

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