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Lawmakers discuss 'guns in parking lots' bill

Senator Ophelia Ford jokes during gun bill debate Senator Ophelia Ford jokes during gun bill debate

(WMC-TV) - Some lawmakers are concerned that the 'guns in parking lots' bill making its way through the Tennessee Legislature could cost the state jobs.

The bill would promise that gun permit holders could keep their guns in their vehicles while at work.

Governor Bill Haslam expressed concerns about allowing guns anywhere on college campuses.

Some fear the bill could impact job growth and corporate relocations because many large foreign companies do not understand the gun culture in Tennessee.

"This is a subject that's important to them and when they decide if they are going to expand a new operation, they might look at another state that's not as gun friendly," said Bill Ozier, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed its version of the bill unanimously on Tuesday, but not before Senator Ophelia Ford of Memphis asked to delay it and shared a personal story.

"With what I've heard today from, from the chamber of commerce, I thought I was going to be able to vote for this bill," she said. "I'm making it no secret to no one that I am a hand gun carrier. And I have been since I was 24, and I'm only 25 now," she giggled.

The bill is now being scheduled for a full senate vote sometime this week.

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