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Neighbors complain flooding is causing sinkholes

(WMC-TV) - A group of Mid-South homeowners say their neighborhood is washing away, causing huge sinkholes to form all over their yards.

Residents are not sure what the solution is, but they want the city to fix it and it appears Southaven got the message.

"It's like a lake, and like a river," said resident Becky Ruth describing a drain near her house.

Ruth took pictures of last week's downpour, and the photos show a street in Carriage Hills Estates under water.

"My neighbors across the street, they flood every time we have rain," she said.

Those neighbors installed a concrete barrier to keep the water out, but it is not working.

Ruth said this problem has been going on since she moved to the area in 1999.

"I get garbage washed in, my garbage cans wash away. It's just ridiculous," she said.

Several other neighbors voiced their concerns at Tuesday's Board of Alderman meeting about sinkholes, potholes, and flooding problems.

Mayor Greg Davis said the city heard their complaints loud and clear. Alderman approved up to $20,000 for an independent study on how to fix the problem.

"In these other sinkholes that are occurring, either the pipes have come apart at a joint or the pipe has collapsed. So those things we can fix now," said Davis.

Ruth and other neighbors said they've been complaining for years, and hope to finally get some answers soon.

"I know it's about to be the spring rainy season again. So I for sure want (it) to get fixed before then," said Ruth.

The study is expected to take a few months.

Then the city will estimate the cost of the project, and see if they can apply for grants to help offset the expenses.

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