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Andy's Got Your Back on risky foreign pharmacies

(WMC TV) - Ordering prescription drugs outside the U.S. can be cheaper, more convenient -- and risky.

"My sister was a police officer," said Nina Ossana. "She had a very stressful job, and she was taking prescription drugs."

Eventually, Ossana's sister committed suicide. She was hooked on prescription drugs she bought by the truckload from a foreign pharmacy.

"In the weeks after she died, I got 100,000 doses of these drugs," she said. "I'd get phone calls from the pharmacy, thinking they were calling my sister:  'Did you get your prescriptions? Want to order more?' There is no reason for anyone to have that many doses of any drugs."

U.S. postal inspectors said telemarketers working for foreign pharmacies lure American customers with promises of cheaper prices and convenience.

Inspectors said the elderly, poor or those with addictions are often easy prey.

"Do not trust your health to these overseas vendors," said Postal Inspector Quiana Valentine. "We don't know exactly what is in the pills. Take the FDA-approved drugs obtained from your doctor.

Follow your doctor's lead instead of the bait of a foreign pharmacy sales call.

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