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MY TURN: School merger concerns

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(WMC-TV) - Now, the parents of Shelby County school students really do have something to complain about.  Many of them had been warning us all along that the merger of city and county schools would end up hurting their children, and it looks like they may be correct.

Budget projections for the new combined district point to a shortfall of as much as $90 million and that's after cost cutting measures including some that directly affect students. What's more, education leaders say that to run a school system that we would really be proud of, the schools may need another $95 million.

Adding to this drama is the news that city leaders from all six of Shelby County's suburbs traveled to Nashville this week to continue their quest to secede from the county school system. You would have to guess this is going to be a bumpy ride for a while. Children only get one chance at their public education. Let's hope the ones who are in school now don't get forgotten as everyone works to build a better solution for the long haul.

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