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2-year-old battles norovirus

Knox, 2, fought the norovirus Knox, 2, fought the norovirus

(WMC-TV) – Katy Autry's son Knox turns three in April.  But the norovirus stopped the busy little boy in his tracks.

"I mean it hit him like a freight train and went on for 12, 18 hours," said Autry. "I was really grossed out only because it's the cruise ship virus which is really nasty."

Doctors attributed the constant vomiting to the norovirus.

On Wednesday, the Shelby County Health Department confirmed four norovirus outbreaks this year.

One day later, their Twitter page was buzzing with questions about symptoms and prevention.

Pharmacist Brett Wright says dehydration is a dangerous side effect.

"Had a lot of calls and questions about it and what is," Wright said. "And if you're not careful just over a couple of days you can get dehydrated and have to be hospitalized."

Staying hydrated is a challenge when it is hard to keep anything down.

Benevere Pharmacy in Collierville has been mixing up an anti-nausea topical gel that helps manage the symptoms.

"When you get rid of your nausea that's going to allow you to keep your fluids down," Wright said.

To keep the norovirus from spreading, you are urged to wash your hands, clean hard surfaces with a bleach and water solution, and wash all the towels and linens.

That worked for Katy Autry.

"He got it but the rest of us didn't and that is why were just really lucky," she said.

Autry's son, Knox, is now over the norovirus.

The health department classifies an outbreak as three or more people in one setting.

If you experience or know of an outbreak at home, school, or work, the health department wants you to report it immediately by calling (901) 222-9000.

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