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Doctor explains miscarriage prevention

(WMC-TV) - Twenty percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Health experts say the numbers in the Mid-South are startling.

One local physician has dedicated his career to changing those statistics.

Melissa Alexander is getting a routine ultrasound at 23 weeks. She is having a baby boy and she is thrilled, but the journey to get here has been a rocky road.

"It was just devastating with my first loss then when I had my second, it was just even harder to comprehend because I had this dream for a family and it felt like I would never have a child to hold in my arms, that maybe that dream wouldn't come true," said Melissa.

In 2008, after five miscarriages, Melissa went to world renowned infertility researcher and specialist Dr. Billy Kutteh.

"Don't get pregnant now, we need to do some tests. Sixty-five percent of the time we can find the reasoning to this happening," said Dr. Kutteh.

With treatment, couples can have a successful pregnancy almost 80 percent of the time, but even mommies like Melissa say they still live day by day until a baby is born.

"Even to this day I find times when I would I feel fear, you know, could I lose this child as well? So it's really a process you have to take it step by step," said Melissa.

Dr. Kutteh says the key is early testing and treatment.

Testing determined Melissa Alexander had a common blood clotting disorder, the most common cause of miscarriage. But with treatment, tests determined she will soon be a mommy of two. Her 3-year-old daughter and a baby boy, who is due June 6.

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